Who We Are

The Friends of Splitrock is a community organization dedicated to Splitrock Reservoir.

Right now we are working to restore public access to Splitrock Reservoir following a unilateral decision by Rockaway Township to block off the parking lot.

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Once access to the reservoir has been restored, the focus of Friends of Splitrock will shift to clean up and maintenance of the water and trails and the preservation of the area for future generations.

5 Responses to Who We Are

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  2. Steve Holick says:

    I am an avid fishermen who fishes splitrock on average once a week. I would like to help in any way I can to get access back to this great reservoir. There is no other place in the state that has the quality of fishing that this place does. To say the very least I am outraged. The problem was kids parking on the side of the road before the bridge and hiking out to the rocks to cliff jump. Closing off the parking lot is just hurting the people who actually care about the place, fishermen and hikers. I am waiting on a couple people to call me after they hear what the DEP has to say about this. So far I have not seen anything saying that the actual reservoir is off limits. It just seems that there is no where legal to park.

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  4. Sheryl Beauchamp says:

    This reservoir needs to be opened to the public again asap. Its a beautiful lake, and those who want to keep it that way should be able to continue to use it.

  5. Liz Donathan says:

    My friend and I were surprised and saddened by the closure when we came upon it this morning… I don’t have a problem with the posting of no parking and ticketing on Split Rock Road… and I’m all for protecting the area by enforcing environmentally careful use. But blocking the public access to kayaking and fishing is outrageous… this treasure belongs to all of us!

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