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Splitrock Reservoir was opened to the public in 2003 for boating (no gas motors), fishing from boats, and hiking.  It is not open to swimming or camping.

Recently, there has been an increasing number of people illegally using the reservoir for swimming, cliff diving and camping.  There has also been a large increase in the amount of litter associated with these activities.  Rockaway Township and the state were unable to formulate a plan to better police the area so on July 26, 2010 Rockaway Township blocked the parking lot, preventing anyone from using the area.

Barricaded Entrance

Barricaded Entrance

Rockaway Township DPW barricade with kiosk in background

Rockaway Township DPW barricade with kiosk in background

While they see it as a last ditch effort to get the state involved, Rockaway Township is unfairly punishing all legitimate users of the reservoir and the surrounding trails rather than targeting the problem individuals.

The Friends of Splitrock are working to have the area reopened to the public.

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  1. Eric says:

    This place is for everyone to use and keep clean. If people want to camp there should be a permit that you have to buy online from Jersey City to use the area. That would rase money for Splitrock for cleaning and a way for the state to make more jobs.

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