Clean water and miles of shoreline to explore make Splitrock Reservoir a great place for small boating.


There is no boat ramp and trailers are prohibited in the parking lot though, so the selection of boats that can be brought in is limited to what can fit on or in a vehicle.  Kayaks are most common, then canoes, jon boats, row boats, inflatables and finally the odd homebuilt sailboat or two.

No gasoline motors are allowed in the reservoir.  Electric motors are permitted.

Boat Launch

The launching area is rather rocky, steep and small.  It is common to find yourself waiting while people are loading things into and out of their boats, which is rude.  To avoid unnecessarily delaying people when you are launching, only pull your boat in front of the launch area when you are ready to launch.  If you are still loading your supplies, putting on your PFD, assembling your paddle, or other such preparation activity, your boat should be pulled to the side of the trail, out of the way of people who are ready to go.  Similarly, when you return, pull your boat out of the water and out of the way and then unload it.  If you are unable to lift your boat while it is loaded, invest in a kayak or canoe dolly.

If you have to load something extra heavy like a cooler or a battery separately with the boat in the water, that’s fine.  The point here is to be aware of your surroundings and courteous to other people waiting to use the launch.

Keep In Mind

  • Electric motors only
  • No boat ramp
  • Trailers are prohibited
  • Trail from parking area to launch is steep — Invest in a kayak or canoe cart
  • Be courteous — load or unload your boat out of the way of the launch

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