Rockaway Township PD heavily ticketing Split Rock Road parkers

On Tuesday evening, none of the vehicles I saw parked on Split Rock Road had tickets at the time I was there.  Apparently that did not last long.  David, one of the Friends of Splitrock reports via a comment:

My Father-in-law and I were one of the ones who parked outside of the lot on Tuesday. We were fortunate enough not to get a ticket but ALL other vehicles (with the exception of the two inside the lot) were given tickets sometime after 8pm.

I spoke with the owner of one of the vehicles parked inside the barricaded lot Tuesday and he confirmed that he was not issued a ticket.

As always, parking on Split Rock Road violates Rockaway Township ordinance, so be careful where you leave your vehicle if you decide to continue using Splitrock Reservoir while the parking lot entrances are blocked.  Cars blocking Split Rock Road (and therefore emergency access through the area) are a high priority enforcement item for the Rockaway Township Police Department.

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