Contacted the DEP regarding Splitrock closure

This morning I made some calls to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection about the closure at Splitrock Reservoir.

I spoke with the assistant for Larry Ragonese, NJ DEP Press Director, who was unfamilar with the issue.  The director is supposed to call me back when he gets out of a meeting.

I next reached out to the NJ DEP Constituent Relations department where I spoke with Dean Anderson.  He also was unfamiliar with the issue but was concerned after I explained the situation.  He said he would make some calls to the Parks Department and Natural and Historic Resources Program to see who the best person to handle this would be.

Mr. Anderson offered that “some other reservoirs elsewhere they’ve done the same thing, not currently, they had done this post 9/11 when there was a concern we needed to be protective of our drinking water supplies… I hadn’t heard of any of this happening in a while.”

Check back soon for more updates

* Correction: The person I left the message with in the office of Larry Ragonese was not his assistant and had not been briefed on the issue.

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