Agreement tentatively reached; Splitrock parking lot to be reopened! is reporting that a verbal agreement has been reached between Rockaway Township, Jersey City, and the NJ DEP which satisfies Rockaway Township’s concerns enough that they are willing to reopen the reservoir parking lot.

In the agreement, [Rockaway Township Mayor Louis Sceusi] said, Jersey City will give Rockaway Township and the state Department of Environmental Protection the authority to issue court summonses for rules violations, and the state will increase patrols there.

This would allow Rockaway Township and the state to properly police the area and put a quick end to the illegal activities going on there.  The mayor said that the barricades would be removed as soon as a written agreement was in place between the three parties, which may occur this week.

It is great that they were able to work something out.  Hopefully the barriers will be removed in time for people to enjoy using the reservoir this weekend.  I left a message last night and spoke with someone in the office of Mayor Sceusi this morning seeking comment.

Read the article at
Rockaway Twp., Jersey City tentatively resolve Split Rock Reservoir dispute

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